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Handicap Accessibility

Heathgate Ramp 1Traditional home builders have never really considered the needs of those who are disabled or elderly, and that can make life really hard to deal with at times.

Many of us will experience at least a temporary disability. Accidents will happen and you could find yourself using a wheelchair or walker. As we mature and grow older, getting around our home becomes more difficult. Then we ask “How can I get up those steps or through that narrow door?” Planning for this comes from far sighted homeowners, builders and remodelers who anticipate our limitations and changing needs.

From grab bars to whole house remodeling, we do everything to make your home handicap and wheelchair accessible, including:
Handicap Excess Shower

  • Grab Bars, Railings & Supports
    Grab bars, specialized bath safety products, stairway and
    hall railings, exterior metal railings
  • Access Ramps
    We install custom constructed wood ramps, modular aluminum ramps,
    as well as wood, aluminum or recycled rubber threshold ramps.
  • Bathroom Safety
    Installation of walk-in bathtubs, curbless shower solutions and tub cuts
  • Fall Prevention & Anti-slip
    Bathtub/shower treatment, Permanent outdoor non-skid treads

If you are not sure what you need, we offer consulting as well as home evaluations.